zines might seem outdated or like a niche phenomenon limited to the young, the hip, the riot grrls, the punks, etc.* we want to change this. because:

+ zines are accessible: we think the point of a zine is that anyone can make one, and that everyone has something to say.

+ zines are tangible: there’s plenty of opportunity for self-expression on the internet, but nothing beats having something to hold in your hand.

+ zines are intensely personal: you write, illustrate and copy it yourself, everything about your zine is uniquely you. there is no outside party assigning you to make a zine or holding you to any standard about what it should look like.

+ zines are inherently small-scale: probably read by only a small number of people beyond your own social circle. a zine is by definition a “rare” object.

+ zines are genuine: a zine takes hours to make and the motivations to do so are few, beyond the simple desire to tell a story, draw or share information. it’s hard to fake a zine. when you pick one up and look through it, you can’t deny the creative energy that is contained within, whatever artistic or literary standards you might hold it to.

+ zines are revolutionary: the messages we get from our world today do not tell us to make something, share our stories, use our voices, trust ourselves, dispense information that is not contained in mainstream media, do something that doesn’t generate a profit, or produce something without following the guidelines of institutions. do it anyway! make a zine.

*Do you think of Thomas Paine as a zine-maker? The document known as Common Sense was essentially a zine– an essay written by Paine based on his personal research, experience and opinions, copied on a printing press and handed out to all his friends (er, anonymously).

why a zine press? isn’t that kind of contrary to the point of zines?

possibly. but we just want to make it easier. we’re not an institution, and we’re interested in collaborating with you, not telling you what to make. we believe in diy but we also like to work with others.