We are currently seeking submissions for zines that fit loosely into one of two categories: 1) skill-based informational zines on a particular topic (how to form worker owned co-ops, how to harvest and prepare medicinal herbs native to the Bay Area, how to mend and darn etc.) or 2) stories of particular projects and places (how your household turned a vacant lot into a guerrilla garden, how you and friends created a weekly drop-in health clinic, the history of a long standing community garden, etc.) If you have an idea for a zine that you think we’d want to publish please read our summary of how Source Press interacts with a zinemaker to produce a zine.

step one
: The zinemaker sends us an email proposal for the zine they would like to create. This email should include the topic of the zine, approximate number of pages, proposed table of contents, and 2 spreads. This info will be viewed as a draft that may change as the zine is made but should provide a good idea of what the final product will look like.

step two: Source press confirms our interest in producing the zine. We send the zinemaker info about our publishing procedures.

step three: The zinemaker confirms they understand Source Press operational procedures and both parties negotiate and establish a timeline for zine production.

step four: The zinemaker gives source press a master copy of their final zine and we copy and distribute it! Yay!

Please note that Source Press is funded solely by our publications. This means that the money made from selling one zine in local stores allows for the next zine to be printed. (This way we can get the most amount of information circulating without having to spend a lot of effort on fundraising.) So if we publish your zine you won’t receive any payment but rest assured that all sales will go towards future printing and supply costs. Think of it is as passing along a gift, as one person’s work funds the next person’s in an ongoing relationship of support and reciprocity.